The new projects which are incomplete but on drawing board & under completion.

15 Jul 2017
July 15, 2017

Tube Bevelling & Parting Machine

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We at Shenoy Engineering, are currently developing an in-situ machine to chamfer and part tubes from 1/4″ to 5″. The salient features of this portable machine are: Can be operated by a single operator from start to finish. Eliminates operator fatigue by being electrically driven. A single Tube Bevelling & Parting machine to both cut.. read more →

Features & Specs: Rigid, heavily ribbed, fabricated and stress relieved structural. Atop the base, a servo driven rotary table is mounted which is dived into 8 stations. The fixture, will be designed to rest, locate on the ID. The clamping will be through pneumatic swing clamp cylinders. Station 1 will be loading station. This station.. read more →

24 Apr 2013
April 24, 2013

In-situ 3 Axes Slot Milling SPM

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The 3 axes slot milling machine has a column which supports the cross slide and a slide for vertical movement. The Vertical Slide facilitates the up and down movement of the cross slide. A carriage on the  cross slide houses the milling head. The milling head is driven by a standard gear box and motor… read more →

30 Aug 2012
August 30, 2012

Flange Facing and Drilling Machine

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Flange manufacturing involves facing, OD turning, boring, in addition to pitch drilling for bolting holes. Instead of shifting the flange to different machines for these different machining operations, we have developed a SPM concept, which can do all these operations in a single setting. FEATURES: •    Heavily ribbed base, on which a rotary table is.. read more →

11 Aug 2012
August 11, 2012

What we are currently working on….

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Surfaces of huge square or rectangular flanges can be linear machined, using a in-situ X-Y axes machine. This is basically a vertical machine, mounted on the horizontally resting square tubes through hydraulic cylinders. The hydro-motor driven milling head, with its quill movement for depth of cut setting, is mounted on the cross beam. The milling.. read more →