back boring bar

These tools, unlike the conventional back spot facing tool, are made from a single solid metal structure. The single piece construction & the other design features are such that the tool will bear all the stresses and vibrations.  It produces accurately controlled back spot face dimensions.


  • Made from single piece of alloy steel, with no joint, welded, bolted or brazed parts.
  • Provided with standard indexable inserts.
  • The shank of the tool can be provided with straight shank or tapered shank (As specified by customer)


  • Mount the tool to the machine spindle
  • The tool’s offset shank is made in line with bore axis and is inserted in the bore without touching the inner bore walls.
  • When the insert tip moves out of the bore from the other side, the tool holder is offset from the bore axis for required back spot face dia.
  • The job or the tool is rotated and feed is given so that the back spot face begins.
  • After obtaining the required depth of back spot face, the tool is retracted back by again bringing the offset shank in line with the bore axis and by retracting it back.


  • As this is single piece construction, with no screws, pins etc. , the back spot face obtained has a higher finish and closer accuracy.
  • Provided with standard indexable carbide inserts, which are more wear resistant.
  • One tool can be used for holes of different dia.
  • No guide required
  • Since no guiding contact with the bore is involved, there is no damage to the inner surface of bore.
  • Long lasting, economical
  • Ideal for CNC applications

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