Table Top Drilling Machine with Servo Positioning

Case Study: The customer had to make controlled chamfer on drilled hole of an Aluminum components. The chamfer had controlled depth for rivet seating. The depth control on the chamfer had to be mainatained within 30 microns for correct. The sustomer was using an hand operated drilling machine with mechanical dead stop. The depth control was very difficult in this setup and was set up time was. This now has been replaced by our machine which has a 1.5HP spindle with 500-2800 RPM stepless speed variation through VFD interface. The depth, feed and rapid return of the tool is by the servo motor coupled to ballscrew. The touch screen HMI can be used to program the spindle speed, drill feed, rapid return and dwell.

Other uses of this machine: Since this has an accurate depth control, this can be used in place of expensive CNC drill/tap centers. This machine can be used for even tapping with a compensatory tapping chuck. Different fixtures have to be made to align the hole position to the spindle position. After fixture setup, the machine can be used in continuous auto-cycle for mass production.



Machining Capabilities
Drilling Capacity Solid drill of Ø20 mm
Tapping Capacity M12 with compensatory chuck
Vertical Stoke
Stroke 250 mm
Guideway details Ground LM guides and blocks. Size 25.
Rapid traverse rate 6,000 mm/min
Feed traverse rate 30-3,000 mm/min
Motor Power 2.4 Nm with brake
Drive system Servo driven coupled to ballscrew
Ball Screw Ø36, 5 pitch, C3 class, ground and preloaded
Positional Accuracy ±10µm for 300 mm.
Repeatability 10µm
Slide end stop limit switch arrangement Limit Switches
Slide cover protection Collapsible bellows.
Spindle Head & Spindle drive
Taper of spindle IS0-30
Arbour clamping system Manual draw bar with nut
Tool Clamping system ISO-30 x ER-16 collet arbour
Spindle Bearing configuration Match pair angular contact bearings
Spindle speeds 500 – 2800 RPM
Spindle drive V-Belt and pulley driven
Main Spindle motor rating 1.5HP AC induction motor routed through VFD
Coolant system Not provided
Spindle Runout (Axial and radial) Within 10 µm
Operators control station Will be provided
Servo Motors Mitsubishi
PLC Mitsubishi
VFD Mitsubishi
HMI – Touchscreen 7” touchscreen – Mitsubishi
Spindle Motor ABB
Limit Switches Siemens/Teknic
Major Switchgear elements Schneider/Siemens
Bearings SKF/RHP/FAG
LM guides HIWIN
Ballscrews HIWIN
Cables Finolex



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