U Drilling and Boring SPM

Customer’s Initial Machining Process:

  • Used a conventional lathe.
  • Manual 3 jaw chuck.
  • Feeding HSS pilot drill manually
  • Feeding HSS finish drill manually. .
  • Heat treating the material and then boring using a VMC
  • Total machining time of 20-30 minutes.

Our machine concept & Implementation:

Features and Specs:

  • Heavily ribbed, fabricated and stress relieved structure.
  • Atop the base, a stationary fixture is provided. The fixture consists of V blocks and hydraulic clamps to clamp the component.
  • On one side the fixture, drilling head is mounted on hydraulic cross slides. Sliding surfaces is made of LM guideways and blocks. The slide has a stroke of 300 mm.
  • The drilling head is driven by a 20HP motor connected to the spindle through timer belt and pulley mechanism.
  • The drilling head’s motor are routed through VFD for stepless speed variation from 300-1500 RPM.
  • The slide is driven through a servo motor which is coupled to a ballscrew through a 1:4 ratio servo reducer to provide feed rates of 10mm/min to 7500mm/min.
  • The machine is provided with spindle through coolant and chip flushing.
  • The machine will be provided with complete machine enclosure.
  • The machine will be provided with PLC programmed auto-cycle. A touch screen HMI will be provided for machine parameter setting and trouble shooting.

Sequence of Operation:

  • Load the component on the fixture and press auto-cycle.
  • The component gets clamped.
  • Through coolant is switch on. The drilling head spindle starts, drills the component with 3 pecking cycles and retracts. Spindle stops
  • The finish drilling head moves, drills the component to the finish bore and retracts. Spindle and coolant stops
  • The component clamp disengages.

Cycle Time:

The cycle time of the machine from component clamp to unclamp condition consider the bore diameter Ø44x220mm is 180 seconds

Final Conclusion:

  • Component setup time is high.
  • Machining time is high
  • Need of skilled operators.
  • Due to manual feeding, operation is prone to operator’s fatigue, which may lead to loss in efficiency of production.
  • Even though tooling cost is less, considering the machining time, operator’s salary, the overall cost is more.
U-Drilling and Boring SPM:
  • No need of skilled operator. Cost of skilled operators is reduced.
  • Uses U-drills with indexable inserts. Cost of tooling is reduced.
  • The total drilling time is 3 minutes, instead of 15-20 minutes on a lathe. Efficiency is more than 6 times. Increases the productivity, increases profitability, increases the scrap generation rate.
  • Machine provided with adjustable V blocks and clamps, which can accommodate a variety of components.


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