2 axes CNC Mutli Taper Turning SPM

Taper turning SPM

Case Study

Customer’s Job

component drawingCustomer’s Initial Machining Process and problems faced:

  • Used to outsource the job to a vendor.
  • The vendor used hydro-copying attachment to make the tapers.
  • The finish obtained was not good & buffing had to be done.
  • The vendor was not able to cope up to the production requirement.
  • The customer tried to turn on turning centre, but due to job not having centers, job clamping became difficult & each canned cycle would take around 20-30 minutes.

Our Solution, machine concept and implementation:

Conceptual sketch taper turning spmFeature’s and Specs:

  • Lathe type configuration.
  • Heavily ribbed, rigid, fabricated & stress relieved base.
  • Carriage slide with a stroke of 500 mm.
  • The carriage mounted on the horizontal slide consists of cross slide having stroke of 150 mm. A tool post is mounted on the cross slide.
  • Both the cross slide & horizontal slide is driven by servo motor through Ball screw & ball nut arrangement for multi axes interpolation and for infinitely variable feed ranges.
  • Head stock mounted on LH of the base is driven by motor through timer belt and timer pulley arrangement routed through Vector VFD for stepless speed variation from 750 to 1500 RPM.
  • A hydraulically actuated precision self centering 3 jaw chuck is mounted for easy job clamping.
  • Tail stock consists of pair of roller & hydraulic cylinder, so that when hydraulic cylinder is actuated and pressed down on the job, automatic centering is observed.
  • Appropriate supports provided to avoid bend on job during cutting
  • Power-pack of our own make.
  • Chip Conveyor to facilitate easy chip disposal.
  • Coolant System for heat dissipation & fine surface finish.
  • Completely enclosed guard to protect from chips and coolant splash.

Sequence of Operation:

  • Load job onto the chuck and press auto cycle.
  • The 3 jaw chuck clamps and head stock turns on.
  • The single point cutting tool rapid traverse from home to cutting position.
  • The required tapers are turned on the job by 2 axis interpolation
  • Job unclamps.
  • Unload job.
2 Axes CNC Multi-Taper Turning SPM

2 Axes CNC Multi-Taper Turning SPM

Special Holding/Cutting Arrangement

Special Holding/Cutting Arrangement

Component Input & Output:


Final Conclusion (Advantages of the Rotary Coordinate Drilling machine over conventional CNC turning centers)

CNC Turning Centers

  • CNC turning centres are expensive
  • For this particular application, the job doesn’t have a center so, the tail stock can not support at other end.
  • A little heavier cut can easily bend the job or break it.
  • Cycle Time is about 20-30 minutes for canned cycle to execute
  • Different Jobs requires different fixture.

2 axes CNC Multi Taper Turning SPM

  • Cost is comparable less than turning center for the same specifications.
  • Being a custom made machine, a roller based end support arrangement is provided, which does not require any pre machining alignment checks.
  • Just load the job & press auto cycle. Clamping is also automatic, hence saving a lot of time.
  • Specially designed supports are provided to hold the job in place & resist the cutting load so as to avoid any bend.
  • Cycle Time is about 1.5 minutes in one single pas.
  • Different lengths of jobs can be accommodated.

Video Presentation:

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