Double Head Slot Milling & Drilling SPM

Slotting & Drilling SPMFeatures and Specs:

  • A rigid stress relieved and fabricated structural.
  • Atop the base, a hydraulic, auto-clamping fixture
  • On RH of the fixture, a horizontal milling head is mounted on a longitudinal cross slide.
  • On LH of the fixture, a horizontal drilling head is mounted on a hydraulic cross slide.
  • Machine is provided with complete machine enclosure.
  • Recirculating coolant system is provided.
  • Centralized lubrication system to all sliding surfaces.
  • All sliding surfaces made of LM guides and blocks.
  • PLC programmed auto cycle.

Sequence of operation:

  • Load the job and press auto cycle.
  • Job gets clamped.
  • The horizontal milling head moves to mill the notch.
  • Simultaneously, the drilling head moves to drill the cross hole.
  • All slides return to home & job de-clamps.

Final Conclusion:

  • The cycle time for complete machining operation is 60 seconds.
  • The customer could cope up with the demand and produce per hour requirement.
  • Duplicating the work of milling and drilling on two separate machines is avoided.
  • Labor cost of operating two machines avoided.
  • This amounted to reduced cost with increased productivity.

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