CNC Plano Millers


We specialize in custom-built machines in metal cutting. We offer CNC controlled SGPMs (Special Purpose General Machines). The machine that is being showcased is a custom-built machine, but is capable of doing all milling, drilling operations, apart from rigid tapping. It has a stationary bed, on which the table moves longitudinally (to and fro).


  • The machine is suitable for milling and drilling upto Ø 50 mm in 2250 mm long x 1250 mm wide x 25 mm thick plate with in-built rigid tapping capability.
  • Working height: 600 to 700 mm
  • Ram type drilling head with ISO-50 spindle; ram stroke to form the vertical axis.
  • Ram: 250 mm square, having 350 mm vertical stroke
  • Daylight: 500 mm
  • Powered arbor clamping, declamping system
  • Provision for external or thru- coolant (with geared pump), capacity: 40 bar/40LPM
  • LM/hardened & ground guide way strips for male sliding surfaces, turcite for female sliding surfaces.
  • Ball screws & nut for all the 3 axes
  • Metallic, collapsible guide way covers for the table; bellows for the cross and vertical axes.
  • Machine enclosure, if ordered
  • T slots provided on the table to facilitate mounting of any type of fixture.
  • Lapp cables
  • Screw type chip conveyor
  • Drag chain for cables
  • Coolant filtration for 15 microns
  • Spindle speeds: 30 to 3000 RPM
  • Angular contact bearings for spindle support
  • Positioning accuracy: 10 microns
  • The Siemens CNC package for the 3 axes drive, spindle drive, PLC & HMI to contain the following:

1) Servo motor 1FK7 27 Nm / 2000 RPM with Natural cooling for 3 axes drive
2) Compact Induction motor of 17 KW / 1000 RPM / 162.3 Nm with 43 Amps capacity
3) CNC System Sinumeric 802D SL with Machine control panel & Full CNC keyboard
3) Sinumeric module of PP 72 / 48 I/O4) Line Filter as well as Line Reactor for the Power module
5) Sinamic Smartline Power module for 36 KW / 600 VDC
6) Sinamic S120 Single motor module, Double motor module & Spindle module
7) Profibus connectivity for the above8) Electronic Hand wheel

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