Con Rod Small End Bore Chamfering SPM

This machine chamfers the bore on connecting rod’s small end. The client used to do this machining operation on an VMC, which was a time consuming process. In order to reduce the time and deliver an output of 4 component every 20 seconds, we proposed a pendulum type loading unloading concept. Basic features and sequence of operation is given below:


  • Rigid, stress relieved and fabricated structural.
  • Atop the base, two fixtures are mounted side by side along the length.
  • Each fixture has hydraulic clamping and can hold 4 components at a time.
  • Adjacent to these fixtures, a servo driven longitudinal slide is mounted with approximate slide stroke of 600mm.
  • Atop this slide a chamfering head with servo driven vertical movement is mounted.
  • The chamfering head will be mounted with a chamfer tool.
  • The chamfering head, at start of each cycle, will be positioned at the center, in between the fixtures.
  • The machine will be provided with a recirculating coolant system.
  • The machine will be provided with complete machine enclosure.
  • LM guides will be used for slideways.
  • Machine will be provided with centralized lubrication system for sliding surfaces.
  • Machine will be provided with touch panel HMI, for easy parameter setting of feed and positions.


  1. Load the component onto one of the fixture and press auto-cycle.
  2. The components at 1st fixture get clamped.
  3. The longitudinal slide moves the unit head top the 1st component of the 1st fixtures and vertical head plunges the chamfer head into the component to chamfer.
  4. The chamfer head then retracts and moves to the next component and repeats the above steps for the rest of the component.
  5. While chamfering is going on at the 1st fixture, the operator has to load components onto 2nd
  6. Now after chamfering components at 1st fixture, the chamfer head returns home and stops inbetween two fixtures.
  7. The operator has to press-autocycle.
  8. Steps 2 to 5 is now repeated at 2nd fixture, while the operator unloads chamfered component and loads new component at 1st

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