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SPMs or Special Purpose Machines offer tremendous scope for high volume production at low investment and at low cost of production when compared to CNC machines. SPM, Special Purpose Machines is a high productivity machine, with specially designed tooling and fixture, dedicated for mass producing the same component day in and day out. A judicious combination of limit switches, sensors, logic controls, automatic job clamping etc is the essence of a SPM. A well conceived Special Purpose Machine finds ways and means to utilize the man and machine to the optimum. We offer low cost dedicated SPMs  for mass production of small components of 2 & 4 wheelers, tractors, trucks,  engines etc. Typical components are rear  wheel flange, shifter cam, shifter fork, clutch sleeve etc. OUR SPMs ARE SUITABLE FOR MASS PRODUCTION  OF  COMPONENTS WHICH INVOLVE OPERATIONS LIKE  TURNING,  BORING,  FACING, DRILLING, REAMING, TAPING, CHAMFERING ETC. Our Special Purpose Machines work with 4 to 8 stations, depending upon job requirements. Most of the Special Purpose Machine concept is standardized which enables very fast delivery of the machine. Please send us your enquiry with the following details for enabling us to send you our offer:

(a) Job drg

(b) Job material

(c) Operations to be carried out on the job to be clearly indicated in the drg

(d) Desired rate of production

(e) Precondition of the job as presented to the machine


Multi Head Milling SPM

  • 4 spindle units – two vertical & 2 horizontal
  • Hydraulically operated 4 slide units for linear movement
  • Hydraulically operated automatic job clamping system
  • Auto-cycle through of limit switches & PLC
  • Ideal for mass production

Duplex Milling Special Purpose Machine

Duplex Milling Special Purpose Machine

We offer custom-built Duplex Milling Special Purpose Machines to end face multiple components, both from the front and from the back simultaneously. Hydraulically operated automatic clamping system, with a well designed job holding fixture, facilitates multiple components to get clamped simultaneously and quickly. Two milling heads, one in the front and the other in the back, simultaneously perform end facing operations on both the faces of all the mounted components simultaneously in one rapid go. Job clamping, rapid approach of the spindle, machining, rapid homing, rapid de-clamping etc will the part of an efficient auto-cycle, delivered by the combination of limit switches and PLC. The total cycle time for duplex end facing the multiple components, is a few seconds. The machine is designed for high productivity at low cost, consistent accuracy and with least dependency on the operator’s skill.

SEPL’s milling heads are already well known for reliability and ruggedness in thousands of Plano milling conversions all over India and abroad. Matched pair angular contact bearings, used for supporting the spindles of unit heads of milling SPMs, ensure a very high level of spindle accuracy and high spindle speeds.

Combination of turcite and case-hardened guideways for high wear resistance and smooth liner movement, automatic lubrication system, efficient coolant and chip disposal system, machine enclosure, easily accessible machine controls etc are the features of the Duplex Milling Machines. Automatic chip disposal system is offered optioally.

Quadruple Head Slot Milling and Slitting SPM

Quadruple head sloting and slitting SPMClick here for more details on this machine

2 axes CNC Mutli Taper Turning SPM

2 Axes CNC Multi-Taper Turning SPM

2 Axes CNC Multi-Taper Turning SPM

Click here for more details on this machine

Twin Station 8 Axes CNC Controlled Rough Turning SPM

8 axes CNC rough turning machineClick here for more details on this machine

 Double Head Slot Milling & Notch milling Machine

Double Head, Slot Milling & Notch Milling SPMClick here for more details on this machine

 Double Head Slot Milling & Drilling Machine

Slotting & Drilling SPMClick here for more details on this machine

Duplex Milling and Slitting SPM

Video of the working of above machine:

Duplex Milling and Slitting SPM

Video of the working of above machine:

Multi Station Pendulum Milling SPM

Multi Station Pendulum Milling SPM

This multi station pendulum type of milling SPM is another effort by us to utilize the man and the machine to the optimum. What otherwise would have been possible for at least 2 SPMs (each SPM with 2 spindle units) and two different operators, is made possible by this single Pendulum Milling SPM in terms of productivity. The Pendulum SPM consists of totally 3 spindle units and two job holding fixtures at LH & RH stations. When the machining is going on at both the ends of the same component simultaneously in LH station, another job is being loaded in the RH station. This SPM has a capacity of producing 150 finished components per hour. For this kind of output, 3 machining centers would have been needed, which means the additional space, power & operator for 2 more machines.

Side Frame Milling SPM

Side Frame Milling SPM

This is a Side Frame Milling SPM. The SPM has totally 9 axes and 3 spindle units, thus providing a unique capability to machine the different segments of the same component simultaneously in the same setting. It avoids machining the same component in multiple setting and considerably saves on time and boosts productivity and accuracy.

Video Presentation of the Side Frame Milling SPM:-

Multi Station Drilling SPM

Multi Station Drilling SPM

This SPM was made for one of our customer who required to drill four numbers of equidistant hole on a component simultaneously. This is essentially a mass production machine which can give high output. Similar machines of same configuration can be made to suite different jobs.

Other SPM’s that we have Built :-




Knurling SPM

Knurling SPM

Knurling SPM with Gaurd


Many components like handle bars, drive shafts etc in bicycle, automobile industries, pump manufacturing industries etc need knurling operation on OD, for providing better grips of mating part. Knurling is normally done in a lathe or in a HMC. But these machines are not designed for taking the plunge load of knurling. We have designed & developed a Special Purpose machine which can mass produce knurled components are very high speeds, requiring less cycle time & high output


  • On a heavily ribbed, fabricated & stress-relieved machine base, a Head Stock is mounted.
  • Located in the head stock is the Spindle, rigidly supported by 2 pairs of heavy duty, matched pair angular contact bearings.
  • Spindle, powered by a VFD controlled 3 HP motor, provides stepless spindle speeds from 300 RPM to 600 RPM in a stepless range.
  • Mounted on the head stock spindle is the optionally offered 3 jaw self centering conventional or hydraulic chuck.
  • On the other end of the base, Tail Stock is mounted. Tail stock has 2 different movements:-
    • Hydraulically operated to & fro movement of the tail stock spindle for holding the job between centers and
    • Motorized to & fro movement of the tail stock assembly to take care of varying lengths of the jobs.
  • Located between the head stock and the tail stock is the Carriage, mounted on which is the specially designed HSS Knurling Wheel to produce knurled surface on a cylindrical job. Opposite to the knurling wheel, Teflon idle roller assembly counter-supports the job when receiving the plunge load of knurling and prevents the job from bending.
  • Carriage moves between the head stock and tail stock with the help of a Servo Drive, in combination with HMI (HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE) which offers 3 distinct advantages:
    • Selection & ensuring of positioning accuracy with unfailing repeatability is ensured by the servo drive.
    • Servo drive also takes the knurling wheel to the exactly required knurling length, wherever the knurling length required is more than the width of the knurling wheel.
    • Servo drive makes it possible to produce multiple knurled surfaces of different knurling widths, on different jobs of different dimensions at single or multiple locations. The touch screen enabled HMI facilitates for quick program selection for different jobs, on-machine program edit, insertion of new programs, quick editing of cutting parameters like feed, speed etc.
  • Centralize Lubrication System provides lubrication to the sliding and rotating parts of the machine at regular intervals. Cutting oil is continuously being pumped to the machining zone from a separate reservoir, fitted with a pump

Features & Specs:

 ·         The capacity of the above shown Knurling SPM is designed to accommodate shafts of Ø10 mm min. to Ø50 mm max x 500 mm long.

  • Longer shafts can be accommodated either through suitable extension of admit between centers or through a hollow chuck.
  • Cross traverse (traverse for the knurling wheel to plunge) is upto 150 mm through hydraulic cylinder.
  • Ball screw & box nut for longitudinal axis movement, in combination with case hardened male sliding surfaces & turcite for female sliding surfaces will provide smooth, back-lash free smooth sliding movement, apart from wear resistance.

An AUTO-CYCLE, operated through the combination of direct, encoder based feedback of servo drive for the longitudinal axis, PLC, feed-end limit switches, sensors etc, ensures that the knurling operation takes place as programmed with repeat accuracy & with the least human intervention.

Coolant system, lubricants, machine enclosure, automatic chip disposal system, guide way protection etc will be provided at an additional cost. Job loading and unloading will be manual.

Rotary Pitch Drilling Special Purpose Machine

Rotary Coordinate Drilling SPM

Rotary Coordinate Drilling SPM for dia 2,000 mm is developed for an ancillary of L&T. This is a forced thru-coolant enable deep hole drilling machine for Ø 35 mm x 400 mm deep holes. The servo motor driven rotary table with T slot has an accurate pitch  positioning capability through the direct encoder feed back . The pitch selection, program selection, program editing etc are facilitated by a user-friendly HMI interface. The vertical axis movement and automatic job clamping, de-clamping are facilitated by hydraulic system.

Note: For the above machine, the customer is seeking additional job work. Interested person may contact us for more details.

Working Video of this Machine :-


Rotary coordinate drilling SPMClick here for more details on this machine

Welding Special Purpose Machine

Roto Linear Weldig SPM

fuel tank welding spm

CNC welding SPM

We have made a number of Welding SPMs. These Special Purpose Welding Machines have been used for Linear, rotational, helical & combination of linear & rotational welding. For more information on these SPM, please CLICK HERE


Planishing Machine

This SPM is used in planishing of component before welding. It is essentially a pre-welding process where the wrinkles of sheet metal are flattened out. For more information, please CLICK HERE

Buffing Special Purpose Machine

Super Finsish SPM

This is essentially a SPM used for super finishing surface of a component. With this machine mirror finish can be obtained. For more information, please CLICK HERE.

Super Finishing Special Purpose Machine

Super finishing special purpose machine

A lathe configuration machine, which super finishes long rods by using a belt polishing or by buffing wheel. For more information on this SPM, CLICK HERE

Along with your enquiry, kindly send your component drawing for enabling us to send you a techno-commercial offer.

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