Specially Designed Welding & Sheet Metal SPMs


Roto Linear Weldig SPM

RotoLinear Welding SPM

  • Hydraulic cylinder for job clamping & de-clamping.
  • AC servo driven rotary table for providing required angle in linear welding on both sides of the component & semi-circle rotary movement in the end.
  • Hydraulically operated linear movement for the torch on LH & RH sides of the component.
  • Forward movement & home position retraction of the welding torch through hydraulic movement.
  • Touch screen enable HMI (human machine interface) for the servo motor to facilitate quick changes in the angle setting & program edit.
  • PLC for an efficient auto-cycle.
  • LM guideways or hardened guideway strips for all linear sliding surfaces.
  • Machine guard & copper sheet protection from welding spatters.

Job Description:

 As shown in the above inset image, the component is unassembled halves which when assembled, resembles “Ice-candy shape”. In engineering terms the component starts off as a trapezoidal prism which ends with a curve instead of a flat.


A rigid fabricated base on which a rotary table, driven by a servo motor is mounted. On the rotary table a job clamping fixture is mounted. Adjacent to the rotary table, a compound slide with hydraulically actuated motion is mounted. The cross axis movement of the compound slide, moves the welding torch to the pre-set required position. The longitudinal axis of the compound slide is for providing linear movement to the welding torch. A hydraulically operated clamping cylinder clamps & de-clamps the job automatically & quickly.


Place the bottom half of the job on the fixture & place the top half on it. Press auto-cycle button; Vertical hydraulic cylinder clamps the job. Welding torch approaches the welding zone of the job in its cross verse traverse. As the welding commences at the one end, linear movement slide carries the welding torch as it welds the top & bottom half till the point of beginning of the arc. Now the linear movement of the torch stops & the servo enable rotary table keeps feeding the job for semi circle welding. On sensing the end of the arc, PLC again stops the rotary movement of the table & the linear welding on the other side of the job takes place. On completing the welding, the fully welded two halves of the job get de-clamped and the machine is ready for the next job. The servo drive of the rotary table facilitates variable angle setting in linear welding and also in semi-circle welding. Total time required from clamping till de-clamping is about 30 seconds.


Hydro Pneumatic Press

Hydro Pneumatic Presses are low cost options for mass production of small components, made of sheet metal, rubber, foam etc. The hydro pneumatic cylinders offer the twin advantages of (a) rapid positioning & retraction through pneumatic and (b) pressing of the component through hydraulic.  Generally, a hydro pneumatic press is custom-built for specific application. The same press can be used for near similar applications by changing the fixture. Photo sensors are offered optionally at extra cost for preventing the possibilities of accident.

Hydro pneumatic presses are quite simple and easy to install and they are generally maintenance free. Normally temperature and pressure variation problems are not there in a hydro pneumatic press.



fuel tank welding spm

A typical automobile fuel tank has a number of ports for inlet, outlet, fuel level indication, drain etc. We have developed an automatic multi-port welding SPM, which welds the ports to the fuel tank in a single setting. A well design fixture ensures accurate positioning, clamping rigidity and buckling-resistance effects, forced by the welding heat and clamping pressure. Multiple linear slide movements, assisted by an efficient PLC programming, provide accurate location to the welding torch to commence welding of each port to the tank in rapid succession. Rotary movement, in-built in the main fixture, provides smooth & accurate circular movement to the component at the exact locations. This is an ideal, low cost solution for medium volume component industries, engaged in the manufacture of sheet metal components, like fuel tanks, silencer etc.


Leak testing machine

This leak testing machine is developed on a rotating giant wheel principle, which accommodates multiple components to be leak tested to the machine. It also helps to minimize the mess generated by the conventional leak testing machines by splashing of leak testing liquid. On rotating wheel, 4 fuel tanks are mounted. As one fuel tank gets immersed in the liquid for identifying the leaking welding joint, previously tested tank is to be removed from the wheel and a new tank is to be mounted. Like this, there is a provision for mounting 4 tanks in the wheel. The tank, wheel and other vital parts of the machine are made of stainless steel.





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