CNC BORING MILL- VMC, HMC and VTL rolled into one


8 axes CNC SPM - HMC, VMC, VTl rolled into one

8 axes CNC Boring mill

We have developed a 8 axes CNC SPM, having the capabilities of HMC, VMC & VTL. The salient features of the machine are mentioned here below:

  •  VMC, HMC & VTL rolled into a single dedicated SPM with innumerable general purpose machining capabilities.
  •  A servo driven rotary table for accurate positioning of the job & for providing rotational feed to the job while boring.
  • Self feeding vertical ram for boring & turning operation, mounted on the top bridge with integral horizontal side.
  • Separate 10 HP vertical ram type, mill, drill head for operations like milling, drilling etc
  • For machining the sides, horizontally mounted mill, drill head, mounted on a 3 axes slide.
  • All the linear axes and rotary table are servo controlled with Siemens advanced controllers.
  • VFD controls for stepless spindle speeds in combination with lever operated gears.
  • A combined function of VMC, HMC & CNC VTL facilitates any machining operation, be it boring, milling, drilling or tapping.


 1) Using the Boring Ram (VTL head), possible to do Straight Bore, Taper Bore, profile boring, Top facing, OD turning etc

2) Using 10 HP Ram Type Mill/Drill Head (VMC Config): Drilling, Milling, Hole milling through interpolation, Slotting through end mills, tapping through tapping attachment, boring, milling, drilling of inside bore walls through a detachable right angle attachment.

3) Using Horizontal Head (HMC Config): Drilling, Milling, hole milling through interpolation, slotting through end mills, tapping through taping attachment, boring.

Using interpolation feature of CNC system many more types of operations can be performed.

The machine is designed keeping in mind, the optimum utilization of the man and machine. This machine has been designed and manufactured to perform all machining operations in large circular components like motor frames, magnet frames etc in one go. All machining operations are carried out, taking the reference from the center bore axis, which ensures a very high level of accuracy consistently. In fact, most of these components need multiple machines for performing hundreds of machining operations of many types. A single machine can now perform all the operations in one go, which drastically reduces the dependency on human skill, multiple machine operators, floor space etc. Fully CNC controlled machine reduces the possibilities human error and thus eliminates the rejections to the least.

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