Mutli Head Milling SPM

Multi Head Milling SPM

Shenoy Engg. Pvt. Ltd., known for tailor-made solutions in metal cutting, especially in milling, have developed a Quadruple Head Milling SPM for rapidly machining all the 4 sides of rectangular grates accurately, with repeat accuracy. Essentially a high speed, mass production milling machine, the multi head milling SPM is an economical & faster alternative to expensive VMCs.

The rectangular work piece is about 500 mm long (corresponds to LH & RH sides) and about 180 mm wide (corresponds to front & back).

The SPM consists of 4 numbers of 5 HP milling heads – 2 horizontal heads for machining both the sides of the job simultaneously; 2 vertical heads for machining the front and back sides of the job individually. While the sides involve plain, horizontal machining, the front and the back sides of the job involve radius machining within the cavities. Total machining cycle time is around 90 seconds.

The milling heads are mounted on the compound slides for linear machining. The linear machining is through hydraulically operated cylinders. Combination of limit switch & PLC ensures an efficient auto-cycle without manual interruption, right from job clamping, complete machining and de-clamping. Combination of turcite and case hardened guideway strips ensures smooth slide movements and best wear resistance. An automatic lubrication system is provided for automatically lubricating all sliding and rotating parts in regular intervals. Tooling, cutters and inserts are all standard, affordable and easily available off-the-shelf. Slides are well protected and the Machine is provided with aesthetically designed guard. Machine control console is conveniently located, for quick access to the operator.

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