Super Finishing Special Purpose Machine


The hard chrome plated and ground piston rod is mounted on the SPM between centers. The tail stock has a motorized to and fro movement for rapid coarse movement. It also has a hand wheel operated fine quill movement for applying the required holding pressure on the job between the centers. The SPM has both auto & manual mode through a selector switch. VFD controlled 5 HP motor provides the rotational drive to the head stock spindle from 800 to 1,800 RPM in stepless range. The belt polishing unit has a manually operated cross verse traverse of 150 mm with provision for fine depth of cut setting through graduated collar in both the modes – belt polishing mode & buffing mode. The longitudinal axis movement of the belt polishing & buffing unit is through screw rod/rack & pinion mechanism. An independent drive unit, consisting of 2 HP motor & worm reduction gear box provides the longitudinal movement to the saddle, on which the buffing unit is mounted. A VFD interface facilitates the longitudinal movement of the saddle a stepless feed range of 100 mm to 1,000 mm per minute. The sliding surfaces of longitudinal axis and tail-stock slide movement are provided with the combination of case hardened guideway strips and turcite for wear resistance and smooth movements.

Mounted on the carriage is the self powered belt polishing attachment, driven by a 3 HP, 2800 RPM motor, which drives a BT-40 spindle. A rubberized wheel rotates through the spindle with the help of an arbor. The wheel rotates the endless emery belt, passing through an idle roller on the top. A spring loaded, belt tension adjustment mechanism is provided in the attachment. The rotating belt is moved on to the piston and super finish is achieved. Remove the rubberized wheel of belt polishing set up and mount the buffing wheel. Your machine is now ready to buff the polished surface to achieve the super finish. For easy ejection and clamping of the arbor, pneumatically operated de-clamping cylinder and Belleville spring stacks are provided, respectively, which are operated by push buttons.

  • Capacity: to polish/buff Ø40 mm to Ø250mm; upto 2,500 mm long rods
  • Suitable for piston rod : thickness: 250mm max x width: 300 mm max
  • Center height: 400 mm
  • Polishing attachment to accommodate both belt & buffing wheel .
  • Rod finish: 0.1Ra or still better.
  • PLC based auto-cycle in combination with selector switch provides for 4 different cycles (2,4, 8 & 12 cycles).
  • Gang limit switches for positive stop of the linear movements.
  • Belt wheel de-clamp switch interlocked with buffing wheel motor.
  • Lub low fault indication through PLC program.


We have reengineered the carcass of a discarded lathe into belt polishing & buffing SPM with suitable alterations like replacing of the drive members, replacing of the spindle & tail stock bearings, replacing of the spindle rotational drive, linear axis drive, mounting of the buffing cum polishing attachment etc. Of course, the sliding surfaces of the lathe bed needs to be thoroughly reconditioned by scraping & blue matching. This is a low cost alternative to a full pledged super finish SPM with auto cycle.

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