3 Axes, CNC, ID Trepanning, OD Turning & End Threading SPM

Forged tubes have rougher, coarser, non-uniform, inner and outer diameters. We have developed a CNC turning SPM, which does the OD turning, ID trepanning and end threading in a forged tube. It can enlarge the bore and makes the existing bore deeper. The bore produced by the SPM is smoother, uniform, and concentric. No drifting of the centre occurs, unlike in gun drilling, due to the self-guiding type specially developed tooling. The machine and the tool are robust to withstand extremely high cutting forces. Other features & specs are as mentioned herebelow:

  • We tailor-make the machine with tooling for bore upto Ø400 mm & bore length upto 3 meters. Material removal capability: 4 mm radial depth of cut.
  • Being a CNC SPM, it offers all the advantages of a CNC machine like operator friendly, HMI enabled quick & easy part programming, very high level of positioning accuracy & repeatability.
  • High pressure, through coolant & generously large gashes in the cutter facilitates rapid chip evacuation from the cutting zone.
  • The BTA type tool has multi-lipped cutting edges with unique, self-guiding features through carbide bushes.
  • Hydraulically operated, self-centering chuck & steady rest to ensure the job remaining in steady, concentric line.
  • Between center job clamping facility for OD turning.
  • Aesthetic machine enclosure and automatic chip conveyor.
  • End threading of the pipe using single point cutting
  • Job-rotating & cutter-stationary.

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