Plate Edge Milling, Plate Bevelling Machine

Plate Edge milling Machines are also called Plate Edge Bevellers or Plate Edge Beveling machines. This is a dedicated machine for preparing weld edge preparations by preparing various sections like J groves in dimensionally large plates, which cannot be accommodate by a Plano miller.

Plate Edge Beveling machine consists of the following main parts:

  • Plate resting platform
  • In-built hydraulically operated cylinders for clamping the plates from the top,
  • Mechanically tilting facility through bearing supported worm & sector gear mechanism for setting the spindle axis ±45?
  • Side mounting milling head,
  • Vertical column with carriage for accommodating the milling head,
  • Bottom base with rack & pinion mechanism for the horizontal traverse of the vertical column along the T slot bed etc.


Bottom base for the horizontal movement, plate resting platform etc are made of stress-relieved, fabricated steel. Vertical column, carriage, milling head housings etc are made of machine tool grade casting, stress-relieved.


Both the top and the bottom edge of the plate can be machined in the same setting by moving the milling head vertically and in combination with the mechanically tilting mechanism. Alternatively, 2 separate side mounting milling heads can be provided – one for top portion plate beveling and the other, for bottom portion plate edge beveling.

  • Heavily ribbed, robust construction to withstand heavy intermittent cutting.
  • Orientation cylinders for automatically setting the plate parallel
  • Optionally offered self-powered roller conveyor for the plates to load, position & retract plates.
  • Optional automatic chip conveyor with in-built coolant system.
  • Auto-cycle through the combination of PLC & limit switches for logic controlled, sequential & automatic plate positioning, clamping, machining, de-clamping, plate retraction, homing, chip disposal etc.
  • Combination of case hardened guide way strips & turcite for longitudinal axis for the best wear-resistance & smooth traverse motion of the column.
  • VFD based variable feed system for the longitudinal and, if required, for vertical axes movements. Cross axis movement, essentially for setting depth of cut setting mechanism, is manual with provision for fine feed.
  • Robust, all geared milling heads are well proven over the decades, specially designed for heavy intermittent cutting of edge beveling.
  • Milling heads offered with lever operated 4 stepped spindle speeds. Step-less variable spindle speed ranges from 80 RPM to 700 RPM optionally offered through a combination of stepped gear box and Vector VFD.
  • Column-attached, moving, operator’s cubical
  • Many edge milling machines satisfactorily working for decades in India and abroad.


The conventional, close-gap plate edge millers have an inherent design limitation – it is not possible to mill the plates which are longer than the stroke length of the edge miller. To overcome this limitation, Open Gap Edge Miller is offered. The open gap edge miller in the picture is with 3 meters long stroke. But with proper end support, any length of plates can be edge milled in multiple setting. Open gap edge bevellers are cost effective and versatile for varying sizes of plates to be beveled. The barrier-free ends of an Open Gap Plate Edge Miller accommodate plates that are longer than the machine itself. This innovative design also conserves the precious shop floor space.




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