Fly Cutter

Fly Cutter 500 dia

Dia. 500 Fly Cutter

Fly Cutter 200 dia

Dia. 200 Fly Cutter

Fly cutter is the affordable and near ready-made answer when you need to tool up your milling spindle with large diameter cutter

Face milling cutters in standard range are generally not available beyond Ø 400 mm. Larger dia cutters are tailor-made by the cutter manufacturers, which makes them unaffordable and with long delivery lead time. Fly cutters are found to be the answer.

Fly cutters are far simpler, faster and cheaper to make. Fly cutters can be for large diameters, say even up to dia 1 mtrs or beyond. Of course, a fly cutter cannot compete with a face milling cutter in material removal capabilities. But it can produce a large width of cut, having uniform surface with mirror finish, which is not possible for a face milling cutter.

Since there are fewer cutting edges in a fly cutter, heat generated during the cutting is less, thus making it the most ideal cutter for machining non-ferrous material like aluminium. Of, course, fly cutter can also be used for machining steel and cast iron for superior finish. In other words, fly cutters can be extensively used with the least tooling cost where the stock material is less and the requirement of finish on the machined surface is high.

The construction of a fly cutter is simple and parts are very few. Standard, centre clamping carbide inserts offer all the advantages of inserted carbide like multiple cutting edges, easy availability, heavy material removal etc.

While sending an enquiry, please let us know the diameter and number of cutting edges needed.


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