Plano Miller, Duplex, Floor Type

Floor type, duplex Plano miller against an export order, is the most challenging Plano milling SPM that we created in terms of accuracy, configuration, capacity and size. The basic configuration of the machine is almost similar to a plate edge milling machine or a floor type Plano miller. There are 2 moving columns on either side of the T slot bed. Since there is no top bridge, unlike in a gantry Plano miller, each station can be used independent of the other. Each column accommodates a side mounting type 20 HP milling head. The 13.55 mtrs longitudinal traverse of the column on either side, on a 17 mtrs long base, is through a rack and pinion mechanism. An extremely rigid base is provided for the longitudinal traverse of the column. The cross traverse is 350 mm and the vertical traverse is 700 mm. The segmented structurals of the machine are made from the stress-relieved, high grade cast iron. All the male sliding surfaces are provided with case-hardened guideway strips and the female sliding surfaces are provided with turcite lining for wear-resistance, smooth movement and torsion-load resistance. Job clamping is through specially designed, hydraulically operated fixtures. The X axis traverse on both the sides is powered by GE Fanuc servo system for accurate pitch selection and for rapid positioning. The vertical and cross axes traverses are through VFD controlled AC motor and they are DRO enabled.

The moving column Plano miller is designed for heavy material removal, using max. Ø 600 mm cutter. The combination of servo enabled feed system and heavy spindle power of 20 HP permits accurate and heavy drilling and boring operations as well. By introducing tilting mechanism to the milling head, the same machine can be used for weld edge preparation of plates, like in edge milling machines. While the 20 HP side milling head facilitates side machining, the detachable right angle milling attachment adds general purpose, top and side face machining capabilities to the machine. In other words, the machine is designed for infinite capabilities in linear machining. Floor type Plano millers are ideal for conserving the precious shop floor space, when compared with the conventional Plano millers. By adding standardized base segments, it is possible to extend the stroke length, whenever required.


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