Attachments for Vertical Turret Lathe

The Schematics of a Self Powered Grinding Attachment is as shown below:

VTL attachment

1)    Suitable mounting arrangement, so as to make the attachment suitable for mounting on the tool post of your VTL.
2)    Required extension, so as to reach the bore in the work piece.
3)    2 HP/2800 RPM flange mounting type 3 phase motor.
4)    Extension shaft supported by suitable bearings arrangement inside the housing.
5)    Main spindle bearings are of RHP make matched angular contact bearings.
6)    Bearings lubricated for life with German make molybdenum supplied grease.
7)    Wear-resistant Polyurethane coated drive & driven pulleys, properly balanced.
8)    Self aligning, spring loaded belt tension adjusting mechanism.
9)    Emery belt of required grid for grinding the bores.

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