CNC Special Purpose Welding Machine


We offer wide range of welding solutions like Welding Rotators, Welding Positioners, Column & Boom Manipulators, welding Automation systems, welding manipulators etc. A Welding SPM consists of A Welding Fixture for accurately locating the components and for firmly holding & clamping the components in the required position. The locating dimensions are machined in a jig boring machine and clamping elements consists of U or V blocks, hold-down elements, locating pins, bushes etc. The fixture is designed for accurate location of the components repeated and consistently. The automatic clamp and de-clamp mechanism is generally through pneumatically operated cylinders. Depending upon the welding requirements of the components that are to be welded, the fixture may hold the components in a fixed position or a rotating mechanism can be provided. Linear slides, carrying the welding torches, is the essence of the welding SPM.

In this CNC welding SPM, there are 6 welding torches, simultaneously welding both the end-flanges to a square tube in 20 seconds. The rapid approach of the torches to the welding zone, actual welding and rapid retraction of the welding torches through suitably designed slides are through servo motors and drives. Servo drive ensures accurate movement repeatedly and helps maneuvering the feed rates as per the requirement. The linear slides consist of LM guideways, ball lead screws and box nuts for a smooth & friction free movement.

Electrical system consists of servo motors and drives for the linear movements of the torches, which obey the commands from the combination of PLC & limit switches. Electrical system is well designed for an efficient auto-cycle of all linear movements and also job ejection through ejection cylinders after welding and retraction of the slides to the home positions. To take care of varying lengths of job, VFD controlled length adjustment mechanism is provided. A user-friendly HMI helps the operator to on-machining program editing easily and in a very short time.

Except loading and unloading of the jobs, complete welding sequence, including job ejection after welding are fully automatic. Automatic welding machines produce good and uniform quality of welding consistently without being effected by any of the adverse factors of manual welding like fatigue, human error etc. Automated welding solution can boost up the productivity as much as 20 times.


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