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Reverse engineering is a misnomer to the word “copying”. One can physically copy a machine or a tool or a fixture; but he needs an engineering perception to copy the soul of that equipment. The soul or finer point of a machine is subtle and cannot be seen by one and all with their plain eyes. It needs an inner eye. The soul of a machine can be its metallurgy, hardness, manufacturing and assembly tolerances etc. It needs an in-depth knowledge of engineering principles, which is the fruit of years of hands-down experience in the shop floors.

We are equipped to accept challenging assignments in reverse engineering of machine tools.

We have developed a number of import substitutions like Universal Milling Attachment, Multi Angle right angle attachment,  Stamping Press etc.


Foam slicing through a CNC band-sawing process is very fast and it produces the sheets of the same and controlled thickness. We have designed and have built a FOAM SLICING & CUTTING CNC SPM for the manufacturer of automobile filters, which are made of foam cubes or buns of different sizes. These cubes are to be sliced into long sheets of different thickness accurately. The CNC Slicing SPM is designed to perform this precision, long, thickness uniformly controlled, slicing operation, so that the maximum numbers of slices are sliced off from the cubes, repeatedly. The encoder based feed system ensures accurate positioning of the slicing saw blade to accurate position in the vertical axis continuously and repeatedly from one pass to the other and without variation. The linear motion guideways and ball lead screws for the vertical and longitudinal axes facilitate smooth sliding movements.


  • Variable rotational drive to the cutting blade
  • Variable and accurate positioning of the cutting blade with respect to the job in vertical axis
  • Variable and accurate feeding of the job to the cutting blade in the longitudinal axis.
  • Capacity: for slicing 2 mtrs long x 1.5mtrs wide x 0.6 mtr height blanks or any other capacity, as required
  • Latest Siemens CNC system
  • Hiwin (Thaiwan) make ball lead screws, box nut & LM guide ways
  • Cenlub make of automatic lubrication system
  • Siemens or ABB make of VFD for blade rotating mechanism
  • Blade sharpening cup wheel of dia 100 mm or dia 125 mm
  • Blade rotating surface speed: 15 mtrs per second, which can be increased or decreased with the help of VFD
  • Blade guide area in the wheel is rubber coated for minimizing noise
  • Blade grinding unit located in such away that the grinding particles do not fall on the machine or on the foam blank
  • Counter balancing mechanism for the blade rotating unit whenever required.
  • Electrical switch gear elements, limit switch etc are of Siemens make
  • Manual and auto modes are provided.
  • Variable zero position is provided for the blade, considering varying heights of the foam blanks.
  • Control circuits suitable for 24V DC
  • Emergency “off” switch at a convenient location
  • Anti vibration mounts for avoiding foundation, leveling and for ensuring sufficient clearance for cleaning.
  • Machine Lamp
  • Machine color: combination of Siemens grey and blue
  • Bellows for the vertical guide ways, table guide ways & for the table lead screw.
  • Protective guard for the blade assembly
  • Machine design & construction compatible for easy for dismantling and re-assembly.



Twin Cylinder Hydraulic Stamping Press

Slow process of cutting the blanks is replaced by the hydraulic or hydro pneumatic press, which mass produces blanks. We have developed this twin cylinder compact hydraulic power press as an import substitute. It has a working area of 1.5 m long x 550 mm wide. The adjustable day light can be varied from 35 mm min. to 185 mm max. The parallelism between the moving ram and bed is 0.5 mm, which is being constantly maintained by the unique balancing valve mechanism. The mechanical balancing valve mechanism is envisaged to be a low cost substitute to the expensive servo valves. The 5 HP (3 KW) power pack capacity is 200 liters and is capable of developing 140 bar peak cutting pressure which is enabled by an innovative fly wheel mechanism, integrated with the motor. There is a manually operated stroke setting mechanism, enabled by a low pressure relief valve. Once the stroke is set, the same stroke length will keep repeating reliably.

The press is ideal for mass producing stampings (filter blanks, footwear soles, gaskets etc) from soft material like sponge, rubber etc. The cycle time, consisting of approach, cutting and rapid return of the ram to the home position, can be set to less than 8 seconds. For those, who find the servo valve operated presses expensive; this simple, inexpensive and compact press will be a boon.

The blanking process through a press and a die have many advantages. The contour cutting through even through a CNC is slow process. In a press, long foam sheets can be stacked one above the other. In one stroke of the press, hundreds of blanks are produced in a few seconds. Rejections are the least and cost of production per blank is negligible.


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