Gun Drilling Machine


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High precision deep holes with critical tolerances on dia, roundness, hole location, taper, concentricity and finish usually need secondary operations like reaming, honing, boring, grinding etc. Gun drilling can produce an accurate deep hole economically in a single operation at unbelievable speed. Since a gun drill has a carbide cutter at its cutting edge, it can effortlessly drill through hard material like forging, alloy steel components etc which cannot be economically machined with other types of drilling. The length of a gun drilled hole can be several times its diameter and holes will be bur-free.

A rotating gun drill is slowly fed into the work piece at a high RPM. High pressure cutting oil is delivered to the cutting zone from a specially designed coolant pumping system through a rotary joint and an in-built coolant passage in the gun drill. The coolant not only cools the heat at the cutting zone, but also it removes and carries back the chips through the flutes provided in the gun drill to the chip box. Before the coolant reaches back the coolant tank for re-cycling, chips are filtered. An optionally offered automatic chip conveyor system collects the chips in a movable trolley. Automatic lubrication system, hardened & ground guideway strips, turcite-laced female guideways, carbide guide bush support for the gun drill, combination of limit switch and PLC operated auto-cycle, custom-built & well designed rotary/stationery job holding fixture etc are the other features of the machine.

Gun drilling finds application in automobile, aircraft & aerospace components, hydraulic elements, valves, pistons, screw jack tubes, coolant passages of machine tool spindles, ammunition components, construction & medical equipment die & mold etc. We offer the Gun drilling machines at a highly affordable price as a result of the streamlined design features and standardized slide and spindle units, which are manufactured in batches.

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