Flange Miller


Huge flanges, trammels etc need their end flanges to be machined, after welding, for a good flatness and parallelism, so as to avoid the possibilities of leakage from the gaskets. Single point cutting by a flange facer is not only time consuming, but also it needs a separate machine for drilling the pitch drill holes. Conventionally, this is done by laborious, manual blue-matching, using hand grinders. Conventional flange facers, cannot do the drilling operation. A single flange facer cannot face all the sizes of flanges upto diameter 6.5 meters or even above.  Radial Arm Mill, Drill Centre, also called Flange Miller, can radially mill on the diametrical surfaces of dia 6.5 meters flanges and can produce close pitch drills, effortlessly and in considerably less time.


  • Though popularly named “Flange Miller”, more aptly called “Radial Arm Mill, Drill Center”
  • Flange Miller consists of a Central Post, on which a rotary drive unit is located.
  • Cross axis arm & counter balancing arm are located on the sides of the rotary housing.
  • Cross traverse mechanism in the arm to position the milling head to the varying diameters of the flanges.
  • 20 HP milling head is mounted on a vertical slide unit for setting the depth of cut.
  • Different sizes of detachable center blocks to suit to the varying lengths/heights of the flanges.
  • Central rotary drive unit of the radial arm mill, drill center consists of extra heavy duty, preloaded pairs of taper roller bearings or slew bearings.
  • Common VFD controlled cross feed traverse and vertical feed traverse.
  • Rotary drive through a AC servo motor for repeatedly accurate pitch selection in drilling, after radial milling through HMI (Human Machine Interface).
  • A unique, self-adjusting, self-compensating counter balancing mechanism for continuous balancing for the moving ram.
  • While the rotary drive bearings are lubricated for life, the other rotating and sliding surfaces are continuously lubricated at regular intervals by an automatic or manual lubrication system.
  • It is possible to use the same machine for radially grinding the top flange as well by mounting a cup wheel grinding attachment on the opposite, counter balancing ram, which is meant for counter balancing milling ram.

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