Quadruple Head Slot Milling & Slitting SPM


2 Slots of 7 mm width x 5.6 mm depth and 8 mm width x 11.5 mm length on one side of the face and a slot of 25 mm x 5.6 mm depth on opposite side. And a Slitting of width 1.2 mm x 6.5 mm depth.

Customer’s Initial Machining Process:

  • Customer used to do the machining in a VMC.
  • Customer used to machine one side first and then rotate and slot mill the other end.
  • Then the customer used to load the job onto a slitting machine and slit the job.
  • This used to consume a lot of time and did not match the per hour requirement of the customer.
  • Using a VMC and a separate slitting machine, not only increased the cost of production but also the manufacturing lead time.

Our machine concept & Implementation:

Quadruple head sloting and slitting SPM conceptualFeature’s & Specs:

  • Heavily ribbed, rigid, fabricated & stress relieved base.
  • A longitudinal slide with an automatic fixture is mounted on the centre of the base.
  • At station 1, on LH a milling head is mounted on a slide which is at angle to the horizontal.
  • At station 2, two end milling heads are mounted diametrically opposite to each other on either side of the fixture slide.
  • At station 3, a slitting head is mounted on a separate carriage on the other end of the fixture slide.
  • Power-pack of our own make.
  • Coolant System for chip removal, heat dissipation & fine surface finish.
  • Completely enclosed guard to protect from chips and coolant splash.

Sequence of Operation of Machine:

  • Load job onto the fixture and press auto cycle.
  • The job gets clamped and the milling head at station one moves to make the fist slot.
  • The fixture then moves in rapid to the next station where the two milling heads will already be in position.
  • The fixture then slows to milling feed speed and moves onto the path of end mills to cut the other 2 slots.
  • End milling heads retract and slitting head moves to make the slit.
  • Fixture returns to home.
  • Job unclamps.
  • Unload job.

Final Conclusion:

  • The cycle time for complete machining operation is 1 minutes.
  • The customer could cope up with the demand and produce per hour requirement.
  • A costly VMC could be used for other job.
  • CNC operator was avoided thereby reducing the labor cost.
  • This amounted to reduced cost with increased productivity.

Video Presentation:


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