28 Nov 2013
November 28, 2013

Plano Millers on Sale

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Wladrich Coburg planer converted into Plano Miller with Shenoy Engineering make MHCL-5 milling head having lever operated 4 spindle speeds.

Stroke length: 1850 mm

Table width: 530 mm

Maximum job height: 450 mm

Cross traverse:1 mtr

The table drive of this machine is hydraulically driven. The original cylinder is in mint condition.Provided our own smaller power pack. Complete hydraulic system is absolutely without any problem and we give one year guarantee.

The cross & vertical movement are through lead screw, box nut & the driven is through a common VFD controlled motor & gear box.

Price of this machine is Rs 8.5 lacs ex-our works, Bangalore.

Single column converted plano miller