15 Jul 2017
July 15, 2017

Tube Bevelling & Parting Machine

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Tube Bevelling & Parting Machine, chamfers and parts tubes for weld edge preparation.

We at Shenoy Engineering, are currently developing an in-situ machine to chamfer and part tubes from 1/4″ to 5″.

The salient features of this portable machine are:

  • Can be operated by a single operator from start to finish.
  • Eliminates operator fatigue by being electrically driven.
  • A single Tube Bevelling & Parting machine to both cut and bevel a tube for weld edge preparation.
  • Capable of facing flanges as well, hence highly versatile.
  • A self-centering, custom-made 3 jaw chuck to clamp the pipe in place.
  • Equipped with a tool holder that can accommodate both bevelling and parting tools.
  • Indexable carbide inserts for longer tool life and easier tool change.
  • Take cuts up to 0.15mm in a single cut.
  • Designed for clamping range from 1/4” – 5”.
  • Driven by a 0.25hp motor through a worm reduction drive.
  • Equipped with an operator panel to select from a variety of speeds.
  • Lightweight and hence easily portable.
  • Provided with a stand, which acts as a solid base.

Contact us if you want a quote or have any questions regarding the product.

Here is a concept animation of the pipe bevelling machine in action.