30 Aug 2012
August 30, 2012

Flange Facing and Drilling Machine

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Flange manufacturing involves facing, OD turning, boring, in addition to pitch drilling for bolting holes. Instead of shifting the flange to different machines for these different machining operations, we have developed a SPM concept, which can do all these operations in a single setting.


•    Heavily ribbed base, on which a rotary table is mounted.
•    Servo driven Rotary table to accommodate the circular job holding fixture.
•    2 vertical columns, bolted to the base in the bottom & adjoined in the top through a cross beam, having integral cross axis.
•    2 vertical, ram type, self-powered unit heads mounted on the cross rail – LH head for single point facing, turning & boring; RH head for drilling (if need be, even milling).
•    Machine can be offered with single ram type head, if single point cutting facing is not required.
•    VFD controlled AC motors for cross & vertical axes for LH head (single point cutting); servo drive for RH head for accurate pitch selection while drilling.
•    Servo driven motor for stepless rotary motion of the rotary table & accurate pitch selection while drilling.
•    For more information on Ram type unit heads, Click Here

Clamp the flange on the rotary table & press “auto-cycle button”. While the rotary table starts rotating, single point cutting like facing, boring, turning etc are finished in the first round. After finishing the single point cutting, while LH head retracts to home position, the RH head takes position for coordinate drilling on the flange. Combination of PLC, limit switches, encoder feedback etc ensures an efficient auto-cycle. HMI (human machine interface) facilitates user-friendly program selection and modification. Combination of turcite lining & case hardened guideways strips on linear axes, auto-lubrication, copious coolant delivery, optionally offered guideway protection, automatic chip disposal etc are other features of the machine.