Multi Angle Universal Milling Attachment

Universal milling attachment is an import substitute, multi-utility attachment with spherical contouring and infinite variable orientation capabilities at any desired plane.


  • Spherical contouring capability tot (a) to tilt±360° around the machine spindle axis (b) to tilt ±360° on its own spindle axis& & (c) to oscillate from front to back. In other words, the spindle of the universal head can be positioned at any desired angle – at circular planes or at oscillating plane or at a combination plane of both circular and oscillating positions.
  • 2 pairs of spiral bevel gears and 3rotating shafts provide 360° variable, universal orientation facilities.
  • Consists of 3 modules – flange, central module and vertical module.
  • The flange module and central module have circular T slots, so that the spindle module can tilt on the central module and the central module can tilt on the flange module.
  • While the flange and the central modules are with horizontal axes, the angle between the central and module and vertical spindle module has a unique 45° interface.
  • The drive system consists of 3 shafts (including the spindle) with well-designed, rigid bearing supports and with 2 pairs of bevel gears.
  • Pair of angular contact bearings in the front and a matched pair of angular contact bearings in the rear to rigidly support the ISO-50 spindle.
  • Gears, shafts, spindles are made of case hardening steel, case hardened and ground.
  • Adequately dimensioned, ground splines, integral with shafts & spindle for locating & rigidly supporting the spiral bevel gears.
  • Spindle bearings are lubricated for life, using the molybdenum sulfide grease. For the gears, LS 415EP-00 grease is to be used.
  • Body, consisting of 3 modules, is made of stress-relieved cast iron and conforms to Grade-25.
  • Graduated collars with least count of 1°least count on the spindle and central module.
  • Drive: through tennon
  • Custom built flanges to suit to individual machines
  • The ratio between input and output is 1:1.
  • Conventional draw bar for arbor holding. Push button actuated hydraulic clamping and de-clamping of the cutter holding draw bar offered optionally.
  • Recommended max. spindle speeds with standard taper roller bearing: 700 RPM
  • Recommended max. spindle speeds with optional matched pair angular contact bearings: 1,000 RPM



UMH-E 40 x 40

UMH-E  50 x 50

Output spindle taper IS0-50 ISO-50 ISO-40 ISO-50
Spiral gear module 7 6 4.5 6

Cutter recommended (max)

Ø315 Ø250 Ø125 Ø315

Suitable for spindle power

50 HP & more 30 HP 5 HP 50 HP & more